the girl goes to the Eumundi markets

As you walk through the Eumundi markets you may be struck by the vibrant colours and creativity emanating from the stalls and be greeted by the friendly locals who are happy to talk about their passion or life in general.


According to their website, the Eumundi markets are now ‘the biggest art and craft market in Australia’ sporting over 600 stalls which are visited by about 1.6 million people every year. Surrounded by greenery and the smell of gum trees, handmade (or homegrown) arts, crafts, food, produce, books, music, clothes, hats, homewares, skincare and lots more are sold to tourists and locals alike. You can have your fortune told, your back massaged and even go for a camel ride. Eumundi has something for everyone.


I have been to the Eumundi markets several times. I have now learnt not to eat breakfast before I go so that I have an empty stomach to fill with market food. On this occasion I bought fresh seasonal fruit, delicious caramel fudge and a veggie samosa.


I also had a passionfruit and pineapple crush made entirely out of frozen fruit that had been blended it into a delicious treat that looked like ice-cream. This was particularly refreshing in the summer heat.



While in Eumundi, it is also worth crossing the street to visit the Berkelouw Book Barn & Cafe which is a unique bookstore that sells new releases as well as previously-loved and rare books. It is heaven for booklovers with bookshelves lining the walls from floor to ceiling.


It takes just over an hour to escape to Eumundi from Brisbane. The markets are open from 8am until 1:30pm every Wednesday and 7am until 2pm every Saturday. Given that they are only 20 km west of Noosa, you could head to some of Queensland’s finest coastline for a swim after a morning walking through the markets.


I hope you can find time to discover Eumundi and support the talented and friendly locals. It is entertaining for the whole family and everyone is sure to find something that they love.

For more information about the Eumundi markets check out their website at

DSC_1181   DSC_1215

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