the girl goes to the Victoria Night Markets


I mentioned in a previous post, I recently went to Melbourne. I could not leave the city without visiting the Queen Victoria Markets. I was lucky enough to venture down to the markets on a Wednesday night. While smaller than the markets held on other days, the Night Markets have a very special ambience.



The Vic Markets, as they are affectionately called, have been operating in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD for the last 130 years. Now, they offer a wide variety of cooked meals, fresh produce, arts, crafts, clothing, cosmetics, homewares, music and other entertainment.



As someone who eats a lot of market food, I can say that these markets had some of the best I have ever tasted. Plus, you get to see it cooking right in front of you!

DSC_0424 DSC_0447



When we first arrived we didn’t have to line up to buy anything, but as the night continued we did. While the lines move fairly quickly, I would definitely recommend getting there early because it does get busy.

DSC_0431 DSC_0479The Vic Markets also offer an opportunity to support local artists, fashion designers and cooks.


If you do find yourself in Melbourne, I would definitely recommend going down to the Vic Markets for a great night (or day).

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