the girl goes to the Melbourne Zoo

It had been a few years since the last time I went to the Melbourne Zoo. So, while I was in Melbourne recently, I jumped at the opportunity to go with my younger cousins, grandfather, aunt and uncle. Not only did we all learn something about the animals we saw, but all three generations enjoyed strolling through the beautiful greenery and spending time together. The Melbourne Zoo is the perfect destination for a family outing.

Here are just a few of the beautiful and interesting animals you will see during a day at the Melbourne Zoo!


The Melbourne Zoo also prides itself on being an educational destination where you can learn about these magnificent, often endangered, animals and what you can do to help save them.


DSC_0012DSC_0851You can also watch the monkeys behaving like little kids:

DSC_0705     Or parents in need of a rest:


You can even walk through the lemur enclosure.

DSC_0664    DSC_0648The butterfly sanctuary is always a lot of fun. If you are wearing bright clothes, one may even come and sit on you for a little while!

DSC_0766There are also plenty of reptiles to see.

DSC_0680And this stingray might pop up to say hello to you.


After meeting the gorgeous animals, you can buy a mini-version to take home with you. Money raised in the gift shop supports the Zoo in looking after and conserving these wonderful animals.

DSC_0056Follow the girl in the white house for more adventures!


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